1300 659 644

1300 659 644

Bringing the light of Christ into communities

Who we are …

We are the treasury arm of Churches of Christ in Queensland and operate as a Religious Charitable Development Fund. We invest funds deposited with us by churches, organisations and individuals; pay a reasonable return on these investments, and any surplus we make supports the ministries of Churches of Christ in Queensland. Centenary Development Foundation (CDF) supports our churches by providing loans for new churches, buildings, extensions, equipment, etc which are not often available from mainstream lenders.

Our purpose …

Any surplus that CDF makes each year is used to support Churches of Christ in Queensland’s mission activities – to bring the light of Christ into communities.

Our Staff …

The CDF Team are all committed Christians. Once a week, time is taken to have a short devotional, prayer time and staff meeting. If you have a prayer need, we would love to pray for you.

Julie (Administration Assistant) – is the newest member of the team. Julie works with Kay, Mike and Jason on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and is responsible for assisting Kay with the day to day workload.  Julie also helps out in Financial Services on Wednesday afternoons, Thursday and Fridays.

Kay  (Service Support Officer) – will most likely be the person you will talk to, at least initially and will often be able to help with your enquiry. As well as the day to day administration, sharing the load during peak times and keeping the office running while staff are on leave, Kay also maintains the Fixed Term Investments.

Mike  (Group Manager, CDF) – manages and monitors the day to day operations of CDF. Mike has the added responsibility of the management and development of the CDF team and growing the capacity of the fund. He is the person who is responsible for maintaining clients’ accounts, loans, CDF’s investments, all the financial records & meeting internal/external requirements. If you need a loan for your church, it is Mike who will do the assessment & bring it before management.

Jason  (Ministers’ & Employees’ Benefits Scheme Administrator) – manages the Long Service Leave provision accounts for ministers & employees, on behalf of Churches of Christ in Australia. This is one way you can bless your ministers & reduce the cash flow burden on your church by annually contributing to MEBS. Sound appealing; why not have a chat to Jason?

Michael (Chief Financial Officer) – oversees the financial & finance-related aspects of the organisation which includes CDF. As part of the Chief Officers Team (COT), he reports to the Chief Executive Officer and liaises with Finance & Infrastructure Committee and Churches of Christ in Queensland Board.

Other supporting groups….

Churches of Christ in Queensland. – CDF as part of the whole organisation is blessed to be able to support and utilize the resources of Churches of Christ in Queensland. Just to name a few teams involved: Church, Mission and Pastoral Care, Financial Services, Communications and Media, Property and Development, Information Technology, Internal Audit.

External Auditors – CDF is audited annually by external auditors.

Please read this important information before making your decision.